Sand Cooler Classifier

Fluidized Bed Cooler Classifier


  • Cools sand to 35°C.
  • Pre-Mixes and Homogenizes.
  • Controls Permeability.
  • Unit size up to 100 Tons/hr

Range : Range: 10 Tons/hr. to 40 Tons/hr.

Sand Cooling Plants

VME Fluidized Bed Cooler Classifier is unique in its approach to no-bake sand cooling. VME employs a unique “fluid bed” technology to cool no-bake sand. The sand is aerated without vibration, moving parts, or paddles.

  • Provides high efficiency evaporative cooling.
  • Controls nominal outlet moisture.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Fits into existing plant layouts due to compact floor space requirements.
  • Ensures reliability with proven units operating worldwide up to 100 tph.
  • Wide range of installation proven to be “Rugged” and “Reliable” in operation.

Effective Sand Cooling:

VME Fluidized Bed Cooler Classifier utilizes the principle of fluidization to give rapid and efficient cooling of sand. The hot sand passes vertically downward through a fluidizing element whilst the fluidizing air passes counter flow upwards. Using this technique the cold incoming air makes contact with the coolest out flowing sand to provide the highest possible heat transfer efficiency.

Additional Advantages:

  • Sand permeability is maintained by controlled removal of unwanted fines.
  • The levels of dead clay are kept to acceptable levels thus enhancing the system sand physical properties.
  • Consistent low moisture levels allow the sand to flow more easily in the hoppers.
  • The high efficiency design allows the use of smaller operating fans using less energy with the resulting reduction in size of the dust collection requirement.