Cassette Filter

Cassette Filter


  • More Filtering area for the same casing volume compared to conventional filter.
  • Low emission rate due to reverse air cleaning.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Operating and maintenance cost are reduced due to fabric conserving by reverse air cleaning.

Clean Air for Green Environment with VME Cassette Filter.

VME‘ cassette filter operates fully automatically with reverse air cleaning system.the custom made filter allows economic operation with a constantly low filter differential pressure.

VME‘ Cassette filter consists of a dirty air inlet and distribution manifold, a dirty air compartment containing the filter cassette, a clean air compartment, a cleaning air nozzle, a drive unit, a cleaning air fan located on the top, a dust collection hopper with dust disposal equipment, support structure and platform.

Operation of Cassette Filter : The captured dirty gas is led to the dirty air compartment from top by way of the dirty air inlet and distribution manifold. The gas travels downwards through the filter cassettes lined up in rows and then into the clean air compartment. During dust collection, the filter cassettes undergo automatic cleaning by a reverse air flow system. During cleaning the cleaning air nozzle always covers three column in the middle receives the cleaning air without any dust drawn from the two neighbouring cassettes.

Control Panel: Inhouse design and manufacture of filter control panel of ‘VME‘ filter is a stand alone system comprising of motor circuits for ID fan,Cleaning Carriage, Screw Conveyor, Flap Valves, etc. These are enclosed in a sheet metal enclosure of highest quality. The operator interface, push buttons, selector switches, indicators, meters etc are located ergonomically on the front door of the control panel for easy operation. Optional features for operator interface include mimic panel having LED lamps, and LCD messages display unit. The Control sequences are designed either using hardwired Relay Logic or state-of-the-art PLC depending on the application environment.


  • Foundry and Steel Industries
  • Chemical and Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and Beverages
  • Plastic Industries
  • Glass and Ceramic Industries
  • Quarry and Earth shifting Industries
  • Tobacco and Paint Industries
  • Boilers and Incinerators
  • Cement and Fertilizer Industries


Model VME CF 60 VME CF 90 VME CF 120 VME CF 150
Length mm 1800 2000 2100 2650
Width mm 1000 1340 1940 2100
Height mm 2200 2250 2500 2500
Drive Power HP 15 20 30 40