Rotary Polygonal Screen

Rotary Polygonal Screen


  • Loosening and screening of foundry return sand.
  • The solid and simple construction
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Safe Operation

Range : Through output of Return Sand 20 Tons/hr. to 100 Tons/hr.

Efficient Sand Screening with VME Rotary Polygonal Screen

Screen housing sand suction hood with 2 connecting sockets form a closed casing around the screening basket. Bearing and drive the rotating screen are located outside of the housing. They are suitable for a sand moisture of about 2%. For lifting up the sand and creating a sand film, suitably shaped scoops are built into the screening basket.

Design Features

Screening: ‘VME ‘ Rotary Screen assures even loosening and screening of foundry return sand. Solid parts and lumps are eliminated at the end of the screen.

Disintegration of lumps: Large moulding sand lumps are largely disintegrated by the screening operation. The burnt-out outer layer of core sand lumps is rubbed off and passes the screen, the remaining lumps are discarded.

Cooling: The hot return sand is cooled by drawing air through the sand film developed in the screening basket. Repeated lifting up and dropping down of the sand enhances the cooling effect. With an entry temperature of e.g. 80°C, a cooling effect of approx 10° C may be achieved, depending on the preliminary moistening.

Maintenance: The complete screen is easily accessible. The mesh screen can easily be mounted or removed through two large doors. The solid and simple construction assures low maintenance costs and long life.

Safety: The closed construction and the protection of service doors assures safe operation. The proper functioning of the screen is monitored by rotational control.


Rotary Polyganal Screet
Model VME PS 20 VME PS 30 VME PS 50 VME PS 100
Through output of Return Sand (Tons/Hr) 20 30 50 100
Connected load (HP) 5 5 7.5 10
Dimension (mm) A 1600 2300 2900 4150
Dimension (mm) B 750 750 650 600
Dimension (mm) C 1250 1450 1450 1600
Dimension (mm) D 1300 1500 1600 1700