Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator


  • Optimum filling
  • Little Friction Minimum wear
  • Perfect Discharge
  • Proper construction and suction
  • Generously dimensioned construction
  • Silent Quiet run

Range : Standardized bucket widths of 315 to 1600 mm and conveying capacities up to 50 Ton/hr.

Efficient Sand Conveying with VME Bucket Elevator .

Sand preparation plants consist in large part of storage and conveyor systems. The use of functional, tested equipment,adapted to the special requirements of foundries, is therefore of special importance.

Depending on the layout, structural arrangement and construction costs, preference is given to row or tower arrangements, whereby tower sand preparation plants have the advantage of requiring less floor space.

For vertical conveyance of foundry sands, VME’s build belt bucket elevators with standardized bucket widths of 315 to 1600 mm and conveying capacities up to 500 T/hr.

The specific foundry conditions and the necessary operating safety are taken into account by constructive measures:

  • Bucket elevators with optimum filling, little friction and therefore minimum wear.
  • The use of suitable buckets ensures perfect discharge.
  • Condensation symptoms and sticking can be largely avoided by proper construction and suction.
  • Generously dimensioned construction, so that there are reserves for peak or even overload operation.


Bucket elevator
Model VME BE 25 VME BE 50
Type (Corresponds to the width of the bucket in mm) 310 400
Conveying Capacity (Ton/Hr) 20 to 25 35 to 50
Drive Input
– at Lifting height up to 10 mtrs (HP)
– at Lifting height up to 10 to 20 mtrs (HP)
Dimensions (mm) A 1250 1250
Dimensions (mm) B 600 650
Dimensions (mm) C 1200 1200
Dimensions (mm) D 700 750