RCT Two-layer Colling Rollover Sieve


  • Noise is much less than that of a fluidized Cooling machine, no vibration, blower and mesh blocking.
  • Double rollers is better function in sand crushing, no more sand cores increasing, no secondary fine sieving.
  • Rotating speed is much faster than cooling drum, better in mixing and old sand cooling, higher cooling efficiency.
  • Compared to conventional sieving machine, it is with function of self-cooling, old sand with different humidity and temperature is mixed fully to provide good quality sand for molding.
  • Low power consumption. Old sand is not suspended by blower or roller by scraper, it is rolled by itself gravity and self-contained guide plate. No abrasion and spare parts.


Description VMERCT-30 VMERCT-40 VMERCT-60 VMERCT-80
Max Treating Capacity 30t/h 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h
Dia of Outer Roller 2000mm 2200mm 2400mm 2600mm
Dia of Inner Roller 1600mm 1800mm 1900mm 2000mm
Length of Roller 4325mm 4325mm 5485mm 5485mm
Rotating speed of Roller 20rpm 20rpm 21rpm 21rpm
Power 8kw 11kw 11kw 15kw
Watering System 9.6L/min 9.6L/min 2/9.6L/min 2/9.6L/min
Dust Removal Air Volume 10000m3/hour 12000m3/hour 14000m3/hour 16000m3/hour
Inner Sieve Stainless steel 304
10 x 24 x φ 2.5
Stainless steel 304
10 x 24 x φ 3
Outer Sieve Stainless steel 304
5 x 24 x φ 2.5
Stainless steel 304
5 x 24 x φ 2.5
Temperature for the inlet pot 100°C
Temperature for the outlet pot 45°C