Continuous Whirl Mixers

Continous Mixers


  • Single – articulated, suspended
  • Single – articulated, stationary
  • Double – articulated, suspended
  • Double – articulated, stationary
  • Double – articulated, suspended, mobile
  • Double – articulated, gantry – type, mobile
  • Double – articulated, on rails, mobile
Continous Mixers
Continuous Mixer Single Arm – 10 Tons / Hr
Continous Mixers
Continuous Mixer Double Arm Articulated Type – 20 Tons / Hr
Continous Mixers
Continuous Whirl Mixer Double Arm Articulated Type – 10 Tons / Hr

VME  Whirl Mixers

  • Single Horizontal Barrel design has been proven to provide consistently coated sand grains with both
    resin and catalyst for complete chemical reaction.
  • Standard sizes from 2 T/hr to 40 T/hr.
  • Dual Start spiral mixing blade arrangement with overlapping blades to minimise sand buidlup.
  • Individually replaceable tungsten carbide coated blades adjustable for variation in mixing action.
  • Both sides of mixing chamber swing away to provide easy access to the blades and shaft for periodic
    cleaning and maintenance procedures.
  • Minimum binder and catalyst consumption.
  • Barrel is lined with easily replaceable liners.
  • Pneumatically controlled adjustable sand rating and isolation gates.
  • 320° rotation available on standard type mixers
Sand Metering
Automatic Sand Metering System

Optional Features.

  • Powered rotation available on double articulated type mixers.
  • Sand metering gates for the accurate blending of two sand types. eg. For the blending of reclaimed
    sand and new sand.
  • Fume / Dust extractor rings on discharge points of mixers and in main arm for articulated mixers.
  • Multiple inlet hoppers for different sand types, each with its own pneumatically controlled isolation and
    metering gate.

Chemical Dosing System

  • Chemical pumping systems are available to suit all types of binder systems.
  • Multiple chemical systems on one mixer available.
  • Pumping systems are located in the lockable mixer base.
  • Simple Calibration procedure.
  • DC or AC drives available.