About Us

Sri Murugan Foundry Equipment, (VME) has been set up by well qualified Engineers, who have vast experience in the design and manufacture of modern Foundry Equipment. The company specializes in the Mechanization of Foundry Plants on a turnkey basis, right from the design of the layout systems, to the supply, installation and commissioning of the Mechanized Plants.

The list of projects executed by VME includes a wide range of Foundries located around the world. We have also executed mechanized Foundry projects in several countries abroad in Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.

VME is manufacturing Fully Automated Foundry with High Pressure Flaskless Moulding Machine and Molding Line. VME is constantly providing and satisfying its customers with its innovative and quality products.

VME is well known for the innovative ideas & concepts and has been the foremost concern in the country in the development of modern Foundry Equipment. The company has kept itself always ahead of the competition, by their systematic and continuous updating of the entire range of Foundry Equipment. In regards to Research and Development, VME is well equipped for the Technical, Economical and Ecological challenges of the third millennium.

VME’s Experience, competence, innovative solutions and international presence makes us a powerful partner for the ferrous and non-ferrous Casting producing industries.

Our Technology

Increased Market demand for Foundry Equipment, which made VME to create a portfolio of Technologies which can provide the most economical and best solutions for the Foundries around the world.

Best Quality Products

VME follows a stringent quality control measures and is committed to customer satisfaction. Fine quality of the products has earned us, the trust of clients World wide, which gives the company a competitive edge.

Effective Research and Development

VME’s developments are based on it’s own Research and Development combined with it’s own extensive experience and expertise gained from various installations and applications around the world which provide the best foundry engineering solutions. VME’s commitment to Research and Development are based upon customer’s needs.

VME’s State of Art Technologies

VME’s modern R & D facilities are equipped with advanced machinery for Rapid Production. With the team of dedicated engineers, VME offers new and unique foundry technology for customers, who seek high-tech foundry systems and foundry equipment. Our Computer Aided Design and Development team is well equipped with most advanced technology for the continuous development and updating of foundry equipment .