Sand Drier

Sand Drier


  • Double Shell Double Pass Type
  • Robust Construction.
  • Short Drying time.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Designed for continuous operation.

Range : 1 Ton/hr to 10 Tons/hr.

Efficient Sand Drying with VME Sand Drier

‘VME‘ Sand Drier of double shell double pass type, specially designed to dry foundry sand, complete with Burner, motorised blower, drive unit for the Drier rotation, integral base frame and 3 M high chimney. Special scoop feeding system is provided for charging the Drier from a lower height.

Shell Assembly: Shell Assembly consists of two concentric cylindrical shells with the inner shell supported from the outer through connecting spacer bars. Scoops provided on the shell pass through the outer shell to feed the wet sand into the inner shell. Types are provided on the outer shell which are detachable from the shell.

Furnace Assembly: Furnace Chamber is also cylindrical which is to be lined in the inside with refractory material. Burner is mounted on the front plate of the Furnace Chamber.

Oil Firing System: The burner is of Low Air Pressure type, suitable for operation with Furnace Oil, LDO or any other liquid petroleum fuel. The oil is filtered and pumped into the burner by an Oil Heating & Pumping System. Air supply to the burner is provided by a motorised centrifugal fan.

Drive Assembly: The Shell Assembly Tyres are supported on rollers mounted on a base frame. Two of the rollers are driven by a motor through a gearbox and chain drive. The shell assembly rotates by friction drive between the rollers and the tyres.

Electrical Control Panel : Electrical Control Panel is not included as part of the Drier, but can be supplied by us separately. The Panel consists of all the starters & Fuse units are provided inside a cabinet. A main switch, operating push button, actuators and indicating lamps are provided on the front face of the panel.


Type VME 600 SD VME 750 SD VME 800 SD VME 900 SD VME 1250 SD
Capacity 1 Ton/Hr. 2 Ton / Hr. 3 Ton / Hr. 5 Ton / Hr. 10 Ton / Hr
Moisture after drying 0.5% 0.5% 0.5% 0.5% 0.5%
Inner Shell Diameter 600 mm 750 mm 800 mm 900 mm 1250 mm
Outer Shell Diameter 900 mm 1050 mm 1100 mm 1200 mm 1600 mm
Length 3.5 mtrs 4 mtrs 4.5 mtrs 5 mtrs 6 mtrs
Main Drive 2 HP 3 HP 3 HP 5 HP 7.5 HP
Blower HP 2 HP 3 HP 5 HP 5 HP 7.5 HP