Foundry Ladles

Foundry Laddle
A view of VME’s 10 Ton Bottom Pouring Ladle in Operation

VME design and manufacture an extensive range of foundry ladles that are suitable for all types of metal handling requirements. The ladles can be supplied as either standard configuration or custom designed to incorporate your special requirements.

SG Iron Treatment Laddle
A view of VME Laddles
SG Iron Treatment Laddle
SG Iron Treatment Laddle
Lip Pouring Laddle
Lip Pouring Laddle
Bottom Pouring Laddle
Bottom Pouring Laddle


  • Ph Bronze worm gears
  • Antifriction trunnion bearings
  • Tilted with minimum physical exertion
  • Manual or motorised gear box rotation

Range : Capacities up to 30,000Kg as standard.

VME ladles incorporate design innovations such as:

  • Ph Bronze worm gears for greater strength with wear resistance.
  • Antifriction trunnion bearings considerably reduce friction and ensures smooth ladle rotation.
  • Trunnion are so placed that the ladle may be tilted (for pouring) with minimum physical exertion , whether full, partly full or nearly empty
foundry laddle
A view of VME‘s Mechanised Molten Metal Handling System

VME Specialise in the Design and manufacture of the following types of ladles.

  • Lip pouring ladles
  • Teapot spout ladles
  • Treatment ladles for the production of ductile (S.G. Iron)
  • Bottom pouring ladles
  • Drum & U shaped ladles
  • Transfer & casting ladles

Geared ladles can be supplied with either manual or motorised gear box rotation.

Geared ladles are available with Capacities upto 30,000 Kg as standard