VME AHP – Multi Piston Automatic High Pressure Moulding Machine

VME F3 - Multi Piston Automatic High Pressure Molding Machine

Standard Features

  • Rigit and dense moulds, hence better casting finish
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Air-less process – no compressed air
  • No sand leakage (as in impulse/shoot)
  • High mould surface hardness on box border also
  • Multi-pistons ensures Deep Cavity and Self Core Hard moulds


Machines can be to suite customers requirment.
Mould box size: 500 x 420 x 150 Ht to 800 x 800 x 350 Ht.
Flexible and Modular machine – can be used for stand alone, semi/fully automatic operation.

VME‘ leader in the production and installation of high-tech Moulding lines and sand plants for Green Sand Foundries, has developed new machines for foundries who would like to step into High Pressure Moulding, with existing setup.

  • Tight flask, horizontal, semi-automatic high pressure Moulding machine.
  • Up to 10 Kg/cm2 of pressure at squeezing plate surface.
  • Single station: one machine for both cope and  drag and so can replace two jolt and squeeze machines
  • Productivity up to 40 complete moulds per hour
  • Programmed by PLC Technology
Multi Piston Assembly
Multi Piston Assembly