Automatic Core Shooting Machine

Automatic Double-head Core Shooting Machine comes in 3 models.



Description DLZS3828S DLZS5050S DLZS8080S
Max weight for Core box 3.2kg x 2 5kg x 2 15kg x 2
Ejector Stroke from Left to Right ≤ 125mm ≤ 250mm ≤ 250mm
Max stroke of Vertical Mold Closing ≤ 300mm ≤ 450mm ≤ 700mm
Heating Power 8kw 15kw 37kw
Net Weight 600kg 860kg 3000kg
Machine Dimensions
(L x W x H)
1420 x 680 x 1700 mm 1850 x 880 x 2235 mm 2485 x 1285 x 3100 mm

Front or back core-pulling could be installed according to customer’s requirement