Automatic Dual Station Sand Uploading Molding Machine



  • The machine is stable, low power consumption, and long lifetime.
  • High level of automation, easy control, and lower labor cost.
  • Highly standardized, good parts interchangeable, fast and low-cost maintenance.
  • The sand could be compacted both inside and outside according to technical requirements, which makes the sand mold better.
  • Mold release agent is sprayed automatically, which makes the demolding smoothly, casting surface glossily, and no defect in the sand mold.
  • Electric cabinet and hydraulic station are all installed in the machine, which makes them compact and easy maintenance.
  • Low failure rate, and the machine can diagnose the failure by its own.
Description VMEX6070S
Mold Dimensions (L x W) 600 x 700mm
Thickness of Sand Mold 150-250mm
Molding Speed (s/mold) 35s/mold
(without the time for sand core loading)
Squeezing Pressure ≤ 20Mpa
Air Consumption 1.7m3(Normal)
Humidity of Sand Mold 2.8-3.5%
Drive Method Electric-Pneumatic-
Thickness of Pattern 20-40mm
Power Supply AC380V, 50Hz
Total Power of the Machine 37kw
Net Weight 18T
Machine Dimensions
(L x W x H)
6100 x 3000 x 5400 mm